GENAR, which has been serving for 15 years in the research and consultancy sector has become one of the most important leading institutions.

Up to the present time, it has played an important role in giving research and consultancy services to;

• Turkey's most important brand organizations,
• Local governments in metropolitans,
• Central government and its affiliated organizations,
• Large NGOs,
• International organizations.

GENARBD was established in response to the demands of its clientele especially in the international arena.

As a Turkish-Saudi joint venture, GENARBD, for the first years, will serve through its Istanbul and Jeddah offices and will later open its offices in Europe and America.

In today's business world, in which relationships are becoming increasingly global, companies can only take giant steps forward with key partners. In this context, GENAR, having served with confidence for the past 15 years, will continue to prepare the grounds for significant partnerships and international collaborations. GENARBD partakes in international tenders, facilitates global scale partnerships, and works on the financial needs arising in these investments.